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 It was announced today that BrightFarms, Inc. and Giant Food® are entering a path-breaking partnership to deliver year-round local produce to Giant stores throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Constructed near Giant’s store at 1535 Alabama Avenue in Southeast, Washington, D.C., the 100,000 square foot facility will be the largest urban greenhouse of its kind in the world.

This partnership reflects Giant’s strong commitment to promoting health and wellness in local communities. By growing locally, BrightFarms delivers produce that is thousands of miles fresher, more flavorful, and better for the neighborhood. The farm will grow premium quality produce, year round, for thousands of customers in the D.C. area, while creating up to 20 full-time green-collar jobs, facilitating over 100 construction jobs, and converting underutilized land into a sustainable farm. BrightFarms also plans to offer educational opportunities for local schools to learn about urban agriculture and environmental sustainability.

“Giant is committed to serving our community by delivering the highest quality produce at the best value,” said Gordon Reid, president of Giant Food. “This unique partnership with BrightFarms will benefit the local economy while providing our customers with fresh, locally grown and sustainable produce year round. We’re excited about what this new partnership offers for our region.”

“I am proud to partner with Giant Food, a leading retailer serving our nation’s capital that shares our dedication to environmental stewardship and customer service,” said Paul Lightfoot, BrightFarms CEO.

The greenhouse will be designed, built, and operated by BrightFarms in partnership with the City’s Department of General Services and the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation in support of the Mayor’s Sustainable D.C. Plan, which aims to make DC the greenest, healthiest and most livable city in the nation.

BrightFarms anticipates completing the greenhouse and delivering produce to supermarket shelves by this Fall.

Jamie Miller
Giant Food