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Cora is an online feminine product provider that allows women to manage many of their basic, ongoing menstrual needs virtually. It’s a company with a clear purpose: “giving all women access to safe and effective period products as well as valuable and trustworthy information to educate and empower.”

Cora executes its mission by giving free pads and health education to girls in need around the world. Many girls and women in developing nations and those below the poverty line in the U.S. miss school and work every month because they can’t afford menstrual supplies. Cora partners with organizations in Kenya, India, and the U.S. to provide these women with the products they need to live their daily lives. Part of each subscription purchase goes toward helping this cause.

Currently Cora offers a suite of products centered around period care. You can set up an ongoing subscription for tampons, pads or liners, or bundle them together. Cora also sells menstrual cups, body wash and wipes, and other feminine care items.


Cora Review

Company Type: Health & Wellness

Invested: 03/01/2019

NGEN Team Members:
Rosemary Ripley
Shay Murphy