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Soraa is the world’s leading developer of solid-state lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride substrates, commonly referred to as GaN on GaN. Only Soraa uses a pure GaN crystal to create simply perfect light. Founded in 2008, Soraa has developed the world’s first commercial GaN on GaN light-chip fabrication facility located in Fremont, CA. Soraa’s investors include Khosla Ventures, NEA, and NGEN Partners. For additional information, please visit www.soraa.com.

Soraa News


Chicago, IL – May 2, 2018 Soraa amplifies its architecturally designed directional luminaires portfolio with the introduction of downlights Soraa, the world’s leading innovator of LED lighting technology and illuminator of the world’s most renowned historical buildings, museums, hotels, and luxury shops, today announces the availability of Soraa Arc™ downlights. This latest line in directional […]

{Greentechmedia.com} LED Startup Soraa Debuts Its First Consumer Light

January 5, 2017: The company says it’s a healthier, smarter to light a home. About five years ago, startup Soraa emerged onto the scene with an invention from a Japanese LED expert and backing from some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known venture capital firms. This week, after years of building up a business based on selling LED […]

{Geeky Gadgets} SORAA Helia Smart Bulbs Use Your Electric Cabling To Create A Network

12:21 pm January 4, 2017 Soraa has won a CES 2017 Innovation award for its new consumer Helia smart bulb after primarily providing industrial solutions for corporate clients. The new consumer smart bulb is capable of creating its own network to other smart bulbs by using your homes internal wiring and HomePlug Green Phy technology. […]

{Buffalo News} Soraa Co-Founder Shares Nobel Prize in Physics

Shuji Nakamura, who co-founded Soraa with two fellow University of California, Santa Barbara professors in 2008, is sharing the Nobel Prize with two Japanese scientists, Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano. The three scientists revolutionized lighting technology two decades ago when they came up with a long-elusive component of the white LED lights that in countless […]

Company Type: Digital Sustainability

Invested: 11/16/2011

NGEN Team Member: Peter Grubstein