About N*GEN Partners

We believe in a healthier, smarter and cleaner world.

N*GEN is an active early-stage growth equity investor committed to backing world class entrepreneurs and investing in innovative B2B and B2C companies offering differentiated, healthier, and more efficient solutions. N*GEN invests in companies that capitalize on next generation consumer behavior and will ultimately become the innovation engines for larger multi-nationals.

Creating truly great companies is a collaborative effort. At N*GEN, in addition to capital, we provide more than 75 combined years of financial, marketing, and operating experience to our innovative entrepreneurs to make their dreams successful and resilient in a changing world.

Massive changes are transforming our world while creating enormous opportunities for those well-positioned and experienced to capture value during this upheaval. The way consumers live and work is under dynamic upheaval, creating opportunities for forward-thinking, new business models. The N*GEN management team seeks to collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs and invests in high growth companies creating a healthier, smarter, and cleaner future.

Better-For-You Consumer

What, how, and where consumers buy products and services are in a state of change. A deterioration of trust in traditional choices has resulted in more experimental consumers who support smaller, lesser known companies, especially those generating positive impacts on health, the environment, and our communities.

Smart Cities

With the application of cheap, powerful cloud computing and low-cost, abundant sensors, the next generation city will be digital, connected, and resilient. Food, water, and energy security will also be of upmost importance. We invest in companies making cities more resilient, comfortable, and efficient ensuring prosperity in the years ahead.

Sustainable Food Systems

Our food system emits roughly 1/3 of all greenhouse gases and wastes enough food to feed more than 2 billion people. Entrepreneurs are developing solutions throughout the the entire food value chain. New companies are innovating solutions, many of which are digital, that will allow our growing population to feed itself healthfully and more sustainably.

We partner with talented entrepreneurs who have big ideas.

Bradford Oberwager

"From an entrepreneur's perspective, NGEN represents what's good in venture capital. As a firm, NGEN is supportive at the right times, involved, but do not slow the system. Through a vast network of contacts and a wealth of experience, NGEN is able to deliver the elusive "we provide more than just money." But what sets NGEN apart is their people. As a board member, NGEN has been thoughtful and creative a guide, a confidant, and a friend. I cannot think of any higher. praise I could give."

Doug Sabella

I have found NGEN to be a great investor. NGEN is a supportive and positive force and provides a valuable strategic perspective when dealing with the myriad of issues and challenges a company faces as it moves through its growth curve.

Paul Lightfoot

NGEN has been a terrific investor in BrightFarms. In addition to leading our Series A, and playing a leadership role on our board, NGEN's partners constantly roll up their sleeves to help management.

Scott Sensenbrenner

With NGEN we found not only an investor, but even more importantly a true partner who has proven to be a valuable strategic resource.