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Choose Energy

We power energy choice

Choose Energy is an online, nationwide marketplace that allows residents and businesses to switch energy providers and save money on their energy bills. Choose is expanding into all deregulated energy markets, increasing transparency and helping consumers compare energy plans available to them.

Choose Energy News

{Greentechmedia.com} Choose Energy, a KPCB-Funded Retail Choice Platform, Acquired by Red Ventures for ‘Less Than $100M’

A rare successful (?) exit for a VC-funded greentech company. Digital advertising firm Red Ventures just acquired Plano, Texas-based Choose Energy for “less than $100 million,” according to Dan Primack’s Pro Rata newsletter. (We’d like to know just how much “less than $100 million” is, and we’re asking around.) Choose Energy is a retail energy […]

Company Type: Digital Sustainability

Invested: 8/27/2013

NGEN Team Member: Peter Grubstein