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Earlier this month, BrightFarms, a start-up that’s goal is to revolutionize the US food supply chain by creating the first national brand of local produce, kicked off its Chicagoland Greenhouse Farm project, an innovative model for the future of local, low impact farming. We spoke with BrightFarms CEO, Paul Lightfoot, about the company and the project:

BrightFarms CEO, Paul Lightfoot

Brightfarms was founded on the belief that the American food system could be improved, from an environmental impact perspective and also the prospective health of Americans. BrightFarms has 4 Greenhouses that are either operating or in development, we’ll have two delivering produce by the end of 2015 2 in early 2016. Our Chicago Greenhouse will start shipping in early new year, we’ll have fresh baby kale with spinach, maybe arugula, and basil and three varieties of tomatoes all of which are ripened right on the vine until they’re ready to eat. 

And all of which will be the freshest and most delicious produce available on shelves within 24 hours of harvest. Merely providing year round produce in the midwest and northeast supermarkets is pretty innovative.

But plainly speaking, what BrightFarms is doing is bringing produce that’s better, fresher, tastier, longer lasting,  better produce to support consumers at about the same prices. And we’re able to do this because we have a model that replaces long and complex supply chains with shorter and simpler supply chains in a way that uses much less land energy, no pesticides, and brings within 24 hours of harvest the freshest produce available.

Consumers benefit from BrightFarms produce, I guess first of all with produce that’s longer lasting  but it’s also grown in a system that’s safer, the food will be fresher and the consumer gets the peace of mind by knowing exactly where the produce comes from/// and knowing that they’re supporting their local economy.