{eWeek} Nlyte Software Buys FieldView for Added Data Center Insight

You are currently viewing {eWeek} Nlyte Software Buys FieldView for Added Data Center Insight

Nlyte Software, which last year created a new IT market segment (data center service management), disclosed to eWEEK Feb. 3 the acquisition of FieldView Solutions, which provides real-time event correlation, alarming and analytics software to the data center industry.

Terms of the acquisition were not released.

Based in San Mateo, Calif, Nlyte’s DCSM package combines data center infrastructure management and new workflow capabilities while automating data center operations and infrastructure into the enterprise IT ecosystem.

Another way to describe it: Nlyte fills in the gaps between standalone ITSM systems and physical data center workflows with its new DCSM automation, so that they all can be managed centrally.

With the inclusion of FieldView Solutions, Nlyte is extending its capabilities to include real-time event management and the analytics required for proactively managing data center infrastructure to ensure IT service continuity, CEO Doug Sabella told eWEEK.

“With FieldView, we are enabling transparent views into proprietary systems that were never accessible in this way previously,” Sabella said. “Customers will be getting a lot of new data they’ve never had before.”

For example, independent data center systems for electrical usage, performance management, chilled water cooling and other functions from companies such as Honeywell and Siemens are proprietary in nature and therefore impossible — or at least very difficult — to incorporate into a central data center management solution. FieldView brings that accessibility.

“The health of a data center’s infrastructure is critically important to an IT organization’s mission to deliver high-quality services on time and cost effectively,” Sabella said. “For too long, critical facilities have been managed opaquely … it is our intent with the integration of FieldView’s solution to bring transparency needed to tightly integrate and enhance automation of other key IT functions.”

Seven-year-old FieldView is based in Edison, N.J. and counts among its customers six of the top 10 banks, five of the 10 top technology and cloud providers, and 15 of the largest co-location facilities in the world.

FieldView CEO Fred Dirla will join Nlyte as Chief Operating Officer, Nlyte said.

Nlyte, founded in 2003, includes on its list of customers Cisco Systems, Visa International, Intel, Walgreen’s, Verizon, HPE, Southwest Airlines and numerous others.

By Chris Preimesberger for eWeek