{Geeky Gadgets} SORAA Helia Smart Bulbs Use Your Electric Cabling To Create A Network

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12:21 pm January 4, 2017

Soraa has won a CES 2017 Innovation award for its new consumer Helia smart bulb after primarily providing industrial solutions for corporate clients. The new consumer smart bulb is capable of creating its own network to other smart bulbs by using your homes internal wiring and HomePlug Green Phy technology.

The Soraa Helia smart bulb also comes with a companion application that supports both iOS and android devices and will automatically adjust the type of colour they admit depending on the time of day. In a similar way to how the Apple Night Shift feature works on the latest iPhones.

Watch the video below to learn more about the new consumer smart bulb created by Soraa who explained a little more about its inspiration, features and design.

“Say hello to Helia the healthy light environment from Soraa. It combines healthy and beautiful full spectrum LED lighting with a secure, expandable network of smart home sensors. The result is an intuitive, energy-efficient lighting system that brings the benefits of natural sunlight indoors.

Helia Dynamic White bulbs replicate the cycle of natural sunlight to improve circadian health and sleep. They automatically adjust color temperature and spectral content throughout day and night to provide the most natural, healthy, indoor light possible.

When the quality of light is beautiful, it affects us in a positive way. You not only see it, but you feel it. Helia bulbs leverage Soraa’s exceptional GaN on GaN violet LEDs which uniquely produce beautiful, full spectrum white light. This is light as it should be.”

For more information on the new Soraa Helia smart bulb jump over to the official website for details by following the link below.

By Julian Horsey for Geeky Gadgets