{Fallbrook Technologies Press Release} NuVinci® Cycling Introduces N330f™ – The First and Only Groupset for Rental & Commercial Grade Bicycles

You are currently viewing {Fallbrook Technologies Press Release} NuVinci® Cycling Introduces N330f™ – The First and Only Groupset for Rental & Commercial Grade Bicycles
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Company responds to growing demand for specialized components for commercially-used bicycles

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS / CEDAR PARK, TEXAS – February 15, 2017 – In recent years, the market has seen extraordinary growth in bike share programs, delivery fleets, and other bicycles that demand commercial grade components. NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies, is proud to introduce N330f – the ultimate rental and commercial grade bicycle groupset.

The revolutionary N330f provides durability like no other transmission due to the specifically designed hardware components. With a ratio range of 330%, a maximum continuous torque of 80Nm and 200kg maximum permissible vehicle weight, this transmission is specifically designed for usage in the bike share and commercial environment. Throughout the product lifecycle, it offers the best value compared to existing solutions. This value is predominantly provided by N330f reducing service and maintenance costs compared to non-commercial grade, competitive products.

Solving common pain points

Common pain points for operators of bike share programs and commercial bicycle fleets include the misuse or even abuse of the bicycle by its user, high maintenance costs, and unpredictable service cycles. These pain points are addressed with the launch of N330f. “Our NuVinci hub technology protects the system from the usual wear and tear of a commercial duty cycle. Its extended system lifetime saves operating costs by minimizing out-of-service time and logistics and administration costs. NuVinci Cycling

is the only supplier that offers a 1-year warranty for commercial grade applications. In addition, the unique NuVinci riding experience creates differentiation from the competition and drives subscriptions,summarizes Richard Hilgart, Product Manager at NuVinci Cycling.

 Rider Benefits

Riding a N330f NuVinci Optimized™ bicycle means concentrating less on operating the bike and more on what’s important such as traffic, road hazards, or the scenery. Stepless shifting works whether you are freewheeling, shifting under load, or waiting at a traffic light. Interruption of the ride caused by locked gears or even a broken-down bike is now a thing of the past. “Our customers value our NuVinci Optimized bicycles as they provide a riding experience like no other. This technology clearly differentiates us from our competition,” concludes Andreas Weil from the Bike Share Program in Mainz, Germany.

Transmission and controller durability like no other

The N330f transmission includes an individual three-pawl freewheel which ensures even pawl engagement for higher durability, increasing the overall strength of the transmission. Also, the group offers a three millimeter offset sprocket. This enables the use of a one-eighth inch chain which lasts longer than regular chains. The pad-printed logo preserves and extends the high-end look of the product. The associated, new C3f controller features a specifically-designed rubber material

which ensures comfort, a better ride, and a longer grip life. The new cable locking screw (four millimeters) offers an extremely durable, overdrive cable end fixture and protects against higher pullout forces.

About NuVinci® Cycling

NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., moves people better through its product portfolio of smooth, stepless, automatic and integrated shifting products for bicycles and eBikes. The NuVinci technology incorporated in continuously variable transmissions (CVT) for bicycles has been providing the best rider experiences since 2006. NuVinci Cycling products include the Nfinity and Harmony group sets, utilizing the latest versions of the transmissions and controllers. Products from NuVinci Cycling are available globally in over 100 bicycle brands. For more information, visit www.nuvincicycling.com.

About Fallbrook Technologies

Fallbrook Technologies is the inventor of the revolutionary NuVinci® continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, which enables performance and efficiency improvements for machines that use an engine, pump, motor, or geared transmission system – including urban mobility vehicles, cars and trucks, industrial equipment, and many other applications. Fallbrook has a unique collective development model and community through which NuVinci technology licensees share enhancements, which adds to the value of the technology and accelerates product development. This approach enables forward-looking companies, who wish to create visionary new products with NuVinci technology, to move quickly from concept to market commercialization. Fallbrook is based in Cedar Park near Austin, Texas, USA and holds rights to over 800 patents and patent applications worldwide. For more information, visit www.fallbrooktech.com.

By Anne Guethoff and Trammie Anderson for Fallbrook Technologies, Inc.