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In 2012, Solar Pure Energies acquired One Block Off the Grid and Cooler Planet, forming Pure Energies Group. The company currently focuses on origination and customer acquisition. In April 2013, Pure Energies Group announced funding from NEA and NGEN Partners. Pure Energies was acquired by NRG Energy in 2014.


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Pure Energies News

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NRG Energy (NRG) Announces Acquisition of Pure Energies Group

NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) has acquired Pure Energies Group, Inc. (Pure Energies), a residential solar industry leader in the critical area of web-based customer acquisition. Pure Energies completes the residential solar capabilities NRG has been working to assemble and perfectly complements NRG’s acquisition earlier this year of Roof Diagnostics Solar, a leader in home solar direct […]

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Company Type: Digital Sustainability

Invested: 3/1/2013

NGEN Team Member: Peter Grubstein

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