{Encycle Press Release} Honeywell partners with Encycle, HECO Reaps the Benefits

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Honeywell and Encycle Development teams collaborate to prepare for OpenADR 2.0b rollouts

San Marcos, CA, November 7, 2016 – Encycle (www.encycle.com) and Honeywell Smart Energy joined forces to ensure that the details of OpenADR 2.0b implementations are production ready for their collective utility and C&I customers.

Yvette Maskrey, District Manager of Honeywell’s Smart Energy business said, “The Honeywell and Encycle development teams worked collaboratively through the details to seamlessly integrate our OpenADR 2.0b systems. This will ensure ease of participation for Hawaiian Electric’s customers in demand response programs, and allows other Honeywell utility clients using this standard the flexibility to connect to additional distributed energy resources.”

The key new feature of the OpenADR 2.0b standard is the ability for facilities to provide live telemetry data to utilities. This helps utilities better manage their demand response activities, requesting the minimal load shed from customers, thereby avoiding demand response fatigue.

Barry Haaser, Managing Director of the OpenADR Alliance stated, “Collaboration between key technology providers such as Honeywell and Encycle helps utilities and consumers adopt the 2.0b standard, knowing that the systems have been tested thoroughly. This will benefit not only Hawaiian Electric, but ultimately, utilities and consumers across the globe.”

“The OpenADR 2.0b collaboration between our development teams represents a major milestone for Encycle, where we worked closely with Honeywell’s Smart Energy group to benefit the industry at large. This enhances our relationship with Honeywell as we team up on other efforts, including integration with their Total Connect Comfort Ecosystem for our upcoming SwarmStat platform,” said Mark Kerbel, Encycle’s CTO and co-founder.

 About Encycle

 Encycle provides unique benefits to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The Energy as a Service by Encycle (“EASE”) solution maximizes the performance of HVAC systems to save commercial and industrial companies money while reducing their carbon footprint. Based on patented Swarm Logic technology, Encycle’s platform uses biomimicry techniques to reduce HVAC energy costs, participate in Demand Response programs and gain valuable insight into HVAC performance. EASE is simple and easy to install, optionally integrates with leading IoT solutions, and delivers ROIs that far exceed most solar, storage and lighting initiatives.

 Encycle’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada), San Marcos (California), and Taunton (UK). Encycle, Energy as a Service by Encycle, Swarm Logic, Swarm Energy Management, SwarmStat, OpenStat, Swarm Open, and Swarm Logic Open are registered or pending trademarks of Encycle Corporation.

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