{Encycle Press Release} Allen Theatres uses EASE as its cross-portfolio HVAC Management System

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Encycle Corp. simplifies HVAC operations, saving valuable time while reducing utility bills

San Marcos, CA, Aug 30, 2016 — Allen Theatres, established in 1912, owns cinemas across New Mexico and Colorado. They were seeking simple solutions to reduce their utility costs and the time required to manage their buildings.

Before Encycle™, Allen Theatres’ IT Department Manager Charles Green drove out to each of the 3 locations near their head office when updating HVAC schedules for special events. Each site used a different HVAC control system, none of which provided remote web access. At some sites, he even had to set thermostats individually.

 In 2010, Allen Theatres installed Encycle at three locations in Las Cruces, NM. Encycle’s EASE (Energy-as-a-Service by Encycle™) provided Mr. Green with more visibility into his HVAC performance than ever before. He now enjoys using EASE’s portal to remotely manage his sites, regardless of variations in HVAC control systems at each site.

 “EASE makes HVAC operation quick and painless while adding thousands of dollars to our bottom line. Encycle’s easy-to-use portal allows me to focus my time on core theatre operations,” said Charles. This past summer, New Mexico experienced over 25 days of +100°F weather. EASE continued to maintain comfort while achieving substantial savings.

 “Theaters continue to be an excellent vertical for EASE, where we consistently demonstrate exceptional IRRs for our customers,” said Bob Chiste, Encycle’s CEO. Due to the success of the initial installations, Allen Theatres rolled out Encycle at eight additional locations. With the most recent full-year savings nearing $50,000, Allen Theaters projects at least a quarter of a million dollars in savings over the next five years.

 About Encycle

 Encycle (www.encycle.com) provides unique benefits to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The Energy-as-a-Service by Encycle (“EASE”) solution maximizes the performance of HVAC systems to save commercial and industrial companies money while reducing their carbon footprint. Based on patented Swarm Logic™ technology, Encycle uses biomimicry techniques to reduce HVAC energy costs, participate in Demand Response programs and gain valuable insight into HVAC performance. EASE is simple and easy to install, optionally integrates with leading IoT solutions, and delivers ROIs that exceed most solar, storage and lighting initiatives.

Encycle’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada), San Marcos (California), and Taunton (UK). Encycle, Energy-as-a-Service by Encycle, Swarm Logic, Swarm Energy Management, SwarmStat, and Swarm Logic Open are registered or pending trademarks of Encycle Corporation.

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