{Encycle Press Release} Encycle’s EASE™ reduces stress and utility costs for Harkins Theaters

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Encycle optimizes HVAC energy savings for facility managers, and provides valuable insights to service technicians

San Marcos, CA, September 1, 2016 – Harkins Theaters is a family owned and operated business, based in Arizona since 1933. With thirty locations in five states, Harkins Theaters is one of the largest family-owned theater chains in North America. Harkins Theaters’ Director of Facilities, Fred DiNapoli, who oversees all their locations, is faced with managing these facilities by himself. Thus, Fred has little time to optimize HVAC performance. Using EASE™ (Energy-as-a-Service by Encycle), he was able to substantially reduce Harkins’ utility costs with virtually no impact on his work load.

Mr. DiNapoli explains, “With Encycle’s controllers installed, my HVAC units are working smarter than ever, reducing our peak demand and consumption without the need for me to monitor or adjust settings. EASE frees up my time to concentrate on other facets of operations. Encycle also provides my service technicians with valuable real-time insight into HVAC performance. It just works!”

Encycle initially installed Swarm Logic™ controllers in Harkins’ theater complexes in Moreno Valley and Chino Hills (California). Through the use of various load management strategies, Encycle’s system smooths out daytime demand, lowering monthly peaks. Its sub-metering and scheduling capabilities are used to identify and implement consumption reduction strategies.

Encycle’s CEO, Bob Chiste, stated: “Using these strategies, Encycle provided Harkins Theaters with solid savings of over $25,000 per year at two locations, and we are now in discussions with Harkins about utilizing our EASE model across their entire chain. We provide our EASE service at several hundred facilities, including theaters, retail and mall operations, and distribution centers.”

About Encycle

Encycle (www.encycle.com) provides unique benefits to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The Energy as a Service by Encycle (“EASE”) solution maximizes the performance of HVAC systems to save commercial and industrial companies money while reducing their carbon footprint. Based on patented Swarm Logic technology, Encycle’s platform uses biomimicry techniques to reduce HVAC energy costs, participate in Demand Response programs, and gain valuable insight into HVAC performance. EASE is simple and easy to install, optionally integrates with leading IoT solutions, and delivers ROIs that far exceed most solar, storage and lighting initiatives.

Encycle’s offices are located in Toronto (Canada), San Marcos (California), and Taunton (UK). Encycle, Swarm Logic, Swarm Energy Management, SwarmStat, OpenStat, and Swarm Logic Open are registered or pending trademarks of Encycle Corporation.

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