{Yahoo Finance} Nlyte Expands On Demand Offering With Hosting Service

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SAN MATEO, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 7, 2017) – Nlyte Software, the leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software company, today announced Nlyte Hosting Service. The new service is an extension of the company’s Nlyte Enterprise On Demand (SaaS) and gives customers flexibility on how they want to purchase, configure, and manage the solution.

The new Nlyte Hosting Service offers its licensed customers the flexibility to host Nlyte in their own environments or outsource the hosting to Nlyte. This new service will provide significant long-term economic benefits and flexibility to an organization.

The new Nlyte Hosting Service provides the entire environment where the customer’s DCIM deployment resides — maintaining the server, network connection, software components and updates of Nlyte software. Customers no longer need to acquire and maintain these infrastructure elements. They can instead decide how they want to pay for the Nlyte system, benefit from reduced costs of maintaining the system, while retaining 100% ownership of their data, all without the hassles or expense of acquiring and managing the solution’s underlying components.

Whether using an on premise model, SaaS, or this new hosting service, Nlyte customers get the same, massively scalable solution that is VerAcode security certified. Additionally, in all models, customers own their DCIM data and do not forfeit rights to how that data can be used.

“We continue to invest in Nlyte Enterprise On Demand and the Nlyte Hosting Service is a natural step in our evolution. At Nlyte, we want to give customers complete flexibility in how they pay and where they run the solution,” said Nlyte’s Niraj Desai, Vice President of Professional Services. “This new service means customers can mix and match how they pay and how the solution is maintained — with future flexibility built in for the customer.”

There are a wide variety of benefits for customers leveraging the Nlyte Hosting Service:

·        Lower cost than maintaining the platform themselves

·        Eliminating the need to acquire the underlying hardware and software components

·        Predictable cost of the platform, removing unpredictable administrative cost

·        Pushing OPEX costs instead of CAPEX

·        Automatic application updates

·        Increased flexibility in conducting business with Nlyte

“We are interested in anything that helps bolster the success of our customers and their ongoing use of Nlyte,” said Nlyte’s Mark Gaydos, CMO. “Ultimately the customer is in charge and at Nlyte providing customers flexibility is what, in part, has helped us maintain our 98% customer retention rate.”

About Nlyte Software

Founded in 2004, Nlyte Software is recognized as the industry leading data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution provider. Nlyte’s DCIM provides unmatched functionality that supports all data center processes across the entire “dock to decom” lifecycle. With a 98% customer retention rate, Nlyte’s DCIM solution is used by many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated data centers, as well as many small and medium sized organizations. Nlyte’s customers can deploy quickly and immediately begin to reduce costs and increase efficiency across all data center processes. For more information, visit www.nlyte.com or follow @nlyte on Twitter.

Marketwired March 7, 2017